Is This Home Internet Business Opportunity As Good As It Sounds?

A growing number of people are searching for fast ways to make money; and for some, an Internet business has a great deal of appeal.

And of the many ways to make money from a home-based Internet business, the Affiliate Marketing model based on the Google Cash approach offers anyone – but especially newcomers to the scene – some terrific advantages. (Chris Carpenter’s book “Google Cash” pretty much launched the concept, and even the many competitors often use this phrase to describe the model – also called “Direct Linking.”)

The advantages are real. You really do not need technical skill; in fact you do not need a web site at all… although there are serious advantages if you learn how to build a simple one. You don’t need a merchant account or the equivalent. You never have to deal with customers directly, and never have to be concerned with customer service in any way. Many people looking to build a home business detest the idea of one-on-one customer contact… well, that is eliminated here. This is an Internet business where you can genuinely start to make money within an hour or so of knowing what to do… in fact, that’s exactly what happened to me. You can choose to work 15 minutes a day or 15 hours a day, and there’s a good chance that your income will scale with the time you invest – if you invest it wisely.

Affiliate Marketing using the Google Cash model gives you the opportunity to take advantage of a spare hour at home after dinner to test an opportunity that converts to hundreds of dollars of income a month, or more.

Start-up costs should be negligible, which of course is another great characteristic for a home Internet business. More, the risk of losing money should be low… but again, these “should be’s” are true only if you approach the opportunity with knowledge and with caution, initially. Most traffic comes from Pay Per Click advertising and someone who does not know what they are doing can lose money in a hurry. But if you DO know what you are doing, this risk is eliminated – and it is easy to learn. This is genuinely a home-based Internet business where you can be in action within an hour or two of learning the concepts.

Unfortunately, while making money this way is simple – truly, almost the ideal home Internet business in concept – it is NOT easy. It was once – but now it’s become a very competitive business model and you need to be prepared to work at it. The elements are simple. You need to place ads that send people to a merchant’s web site, and you need that web site to convert visitors into customers.

Straightforward. But the devil is in the details. If you pay more to send visitors to the web site than the income you earn from those visitors’ purchases… well, this is not a great foundation for wealth (unless you’re advanced enough to have the other elements in place to capitalize on the loss-leading traffic).

So, it becomes essential to know exactly which types of products to look for, and to understand what constitutes a great Affiliate deal.

And you are compelled to examine ways of paying as little as possible for the traffic, at the same time as more and more people are using the Pay-Per-Click system, and driving costs up. And you may even be compelled to build mini-web-sites to act as an intermediary between your ad, and the merchant’s sales page, to overcome some other challenges.

So… simple, but not easy. It’s a good home Internet business model but like all of them it is not perfect, and you have to be prepared to approach it seriously.

The only way to approach this model in such a way as to give yourself the best shot at success, in the shortest time, with the least expense, is to make the commitment to learn how to handle the main elements – how to choose a product or market, how to choose a merchant, how to manage Pay-Per-Click campaigns, when and how to build so-called Landing Pages (which now call for mini-web sites), how to test and to track results of testing.

And the best way to do this, is to learn from an expert. Since Chris Carpenter’s Google Cash came out there have been many products building on his model. Few have come close to his package in start-up detail, but many have documented extremely clever strategies and tactics – some, deliciously underhanded – that give you a competitive edge in this increasingly competitive business. All are available as an immediate download from the Internet once you have made a purchase.

Choose your expert (and guide) carefully. The elements of the Google Cash approach change frequently (for example, as Google changes its rules) so in addition to proven author expertise you should look for a product which offers lifetime upgrades, if possible. (Proof that they mean it: check if there have already been upgrades, if it’s been published for more than 12 months). If the package includes videos in addition to text, this can be a major advantage – watching a 5-minute video on how to open an AdWords account, for example, or join an affiliate network such as Commission Junction, sure beats trying to do it from text alone. Having a forum is worth its weight in gold. Any offer of mentorship is worth more than its weight in gold.

And consider… for some, the Google Cash approach itself is an Internet business, but to others it’s only a foundation for a business and they combine the approach with List building (for email marketing and Joint Venture opportunities), and web site development(to attract free traffic from search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, and others). Some experts cover this, some don’t.

And beware – the more you read, the more you learn, but the more you read MIGHT translate into the less you act! You’ll find the experts have contradicting approaches, and it’s too easy to become paralysed with conflicting know-how. Then you have a home Internet business in theory but not in practice. The reality is usually that both experts are right… if you follow either one’s advice, it’ll work. But the only sure paths to failure are to not do either one, or to do both in a half-hearted manner.

So if a home Internet business using this model has some appeal, make the commitment to learn… choose a guide book or package, read it, absorb it, but as soon as you know enough, ACT! Follow the instructions. Follow the advice. Try it for real. Make a few dollars, lose a few dollars… but learn it for real. THEN you might be ready to learn more from a different expert, because you then have the context now to place the conflicting advice in perspective and not let it interfere with your actions.

How To Create The Best Online Business For You

Many people today are turning to the internet to make some extra money. The internet business industry is creating millionaires everyday. But just how do you choose the right business model to suit your needs? There are many ways of making money on the internet but most people find it difficult to get started and most of them fail in their first year. In this article, we are going to focus on how to create the best online business you possibly can and how to succeed in your very first year of internet marketing.

The first thing you will want to do when creating an online business is to build a strong and solid customer base, and the best way to achieve that is to set up a website in a small but profitable niche market that you can dominate. By having and maintaining a strong customer base, you will be in a position to keep making money over and over again. No matter what type of business you are operating, whether online or offline, a strong customer base is the key to your fortune.

By having a specific niche to work in, you will be able to build your customer base and literally print your own money. How do you find the perfect niche? This can be a little tricky at first but once you get to know the characteristics of what you are looking for in a niche it becomes easier.

First of all, the best way to find a niche market to work in is to find something that you are personally interested in. You will want also to make sure that there is a hungry market for your niche and that people are spending money in that particular niche. You will want people to come back again and again to your website in order to make you money, therefore you will need to have a great deal of information on your site. You will need to find ways to keep your visitors interested enough so that they constantly return to your site. You will surely need to do some research to find the best niche to suit your needs and great content to place on your site.

Next, you need to do some keyword research. What do we mean by keyword research? If you have been in the internet business for a while you know that keywords play an important role in driving traffic to your website. Without good keywords, your website is as good as dead.

Keywords are simply the words and phrases that people type into the search engines when they are browsing the internet. When someone types in a keyword, the search engines bring up results depending on the keyword. If your website has been optimized for that certain keyword, it will then show up in the search results.

So, the best thing is to do some research to find the best keyword that people are typing into the search engines, then build your website around that specific keyword. By doing this, your website will have a better chance of showing up on the first page of the search results.

Also, by using good keywords, you will be in a better position to drive targeted traffic to your site and as a result develop a repeat clientele that you can then begin selling to.

Another great way to use your keywords to drive traffic to your site is to write articles that contain your keywords in the title and body, and then submitting these to article directories. Search engines like Google love these article directories, so by having your articles featured on them you have a better chance of driving targeted traffic your site.

Once you have your website all set up and attracting visitors, you will need to have some sort of product that you can sell to them. From this point, it is safe to say that you do not have to rack your brain in creating your own product. You can simply go to where you will find loads of different products that you can sell in your specific niche market.

When a customer clicks on a link on your site, they are then redirected to the merchant site where they can purchase the product. Once they make a purchase, you will then receive a commission automatically. Everything is done on autopilot, so all you have to do is just direct your visitors to the merchant’s site and everything else is done for you. This particular business model is known as affiliate marketing.

Another way to make money from your visitors is to create a newsletter. A newsletter can become a goldmine for you if used appropriately. You can simply set up a form on your website that your visitors can input their names and email addresses in order to receive your newsletter. Then, all you have to do is to send them an email once a week or so with your newsletter inside. You can use that same newsletter to promote a product at the end of it.

Make sure though that your newsletter contain great content that will keep your subscriber interested and wanting more, and do not spam them in any way. This is a great way to make some more money from your customer base. Keep promoting your website and adding more and more subscribers to your list so that you can mail them and make even more money by offering them other relevant products. This can all be done on autopilot by using an auto-responder to automatically send out the emails for you.

Creating an online business will not make you rich overnight. It takes time to build a strong and solid website that is making you money on autopilot. Keep testing and tweaking your ideas and be persistent in your marketing and in time you will have built a name for yourself in the online business world.

Affiliate Marketing Business Model

Affiliate Marketing is a very lucrative opportunity where you just need to recommend someone to a good product and earn a commission. Over the internet, because the overheads are so low, you can expect to earn very well. Here are some benefits of affiliate marketing.

1. There is no rental, profits are maximised!

Any earnings that you make are pure profits. Compared to a traditional shop, restaurant, retail business, there are high overhead costs that can potentially eat into your profits. The budget you have is used to purchase domain name, hosting. You can also use a FREE word press template as your 1st web page. Word press offers not only blogging templates but corporate designs as well. In other words your website is like your virtual real estate that makes you money.

2. High commissions!

Since costs are cut down, you can expect to be paid very high commissions, anywhere from 10% to 75%. In terms of dollars, you can expect to earn $20 to $700 in one day, depending on the traffic you bring in and the quality of the product.

How to earn well in Affiliate Marketing.

1. Be good at PPC

PPC stands for Pay Per Click Marketing where you send a visitor to a landing page. There is a cost for every click, anywhere from $0.01 to $0.40. If the commission is high and competition is fierce, you can expect to be paying as much as $0.40 per click. Top 6 figure affiliates may just break even on the front end, and have some back end strategy in place. Another good way is to go for low competition keywords and fish in less saturated waters.

2. Be good at Web 2.0 marketing

Web 2.0 marketing is social traffic from Youtube, Facebook, Digg. By submitting videos and such , you can get traffic from these sources and provide good products that cater to the searches needs.

3. Have at least 1 passive income program.

You’ll want to have your own affiliate team. Just as the merchant has a team of affiliates, you can also have your team and earn passive income through this system. A passive income program ensures that you will earn a consistent lifetime income over the internet. For example, if you run a PPC campaign and earn $3K in profits, once its just shut off, earnings stop. A passive program will continue to bring an income for you for life, once the initial work has been done.

Hope these tips help you earn your 1st affiliate commission online!